Rouge One – So Many Ways This Story Could’ve Been Told

Rouge One was huge. Undeniable huge… but, it had the potential to be more. But before I move onto what it could’ve been, I’m going to review what it was.

Rouge One stars a multitude of well known actors as a multitude of boring and unmotivated characters. Pretty much every character is forgettable. If there’s one character I actually liked, it was Galen Erso. Mads Millkenson is an actor I love, and not only did he play the role well, but he had the potential to be expanded on.

The final act. This was the only bit I really enjoyed, because not only were the action sequences awesome, but they were well executed. The visuals were really well done, but that doesn’t save the film.

The film itself isn’t bad, but it’s boring for the most part and only the final act was enjoyable with the action actually feeling like a war. Which was entertaining. But overall… Eh.


The Potential

This film could’ve been told in many, many ways, and to be honest this isn’t the worst way. Just not the best. I’ve given it much thought and there are two ways this film could’ve been told, and to me it would’ve been better.

Storyline #1: The Raid.

Who didn’t love The Raid. It had great action, a simple yet effective story and it was greatly memorable. Now apply what The Raid did, to Rouge One. We follow a small squadron of the rebels who are assigned the job of getting the plans after the location of the info-stockade has been found. They showcase the relationships within the squad in a smaller mission which is the film’s opening. We learn about the characters and start to love them, so when they’re assigned this mission it puts them into the ultimate test that they simply couldn’t prepare for. The mission starts out well, but quickly falls apart and they call for backup and a small attack fleet show up to offer support, but they can’t save the squadron from being captured, but before they were caught they successfully collected the data and transmitted the data to the fleet. Causing the mission to be a success, but the squad could not be saved.

Storyline #2: A Spy Thriller of any kind.

This film would’ve been perfect as a spy thriller with a strong focus on just Jyn and Galen Erso. Seeing the two of them bond properly as they try to double cross the empire would’ve been engaging. Seeing Galen escort Jyn through The Death Star as he directs her through to the information storage facility and seeing her take out stormtroopers in a tense and stealthy environment would be engaging and fun. With this idea we’d see a true father daughter relationship build and grow as we see them properly interact with one another.

Of course though the film isn’t bad, and I’d still recommend it.


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