In Bruges – Review – #AtmosphericApril

In Bruges is the first feature length film by director Matthew McDonagh ans stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as Ray and Ken, two hit-men in hiding, because of a hit gone wrong. This film holds a place in my heart as it was the film that changed my whole perspective as to what a film can do, and it’s easily one of my favourite films of all time.


The dialgoue and the chemistry between the two leads feels natural, as if they have known each other for longer then what the film is showing us. It makes them feel like more than just co-workers, and it’s always great seeing them together on screen.

The film became a cult classic thanks to it’s dark humour, which McDonagh also used in his next film Seven Psychopaths. The film does joke about some quite dark things, but it adds a level of charm and wit to the film, that I haven’t really seen in anything else. The mix of dark humour and sad character moments, really separates the characters in this film from anything else I’ve experienced.


The score by Carter Burwell is easily one of my favourites. It’s often quite simplistic, but it’s what it conveys with this simplicity that makes it great. For the most part the score is made up of slow piano, giving the film an often melancholic yet whimsical feel. Which represents the feelings the two characters have about Bruges itself. Ray hates the place and wishes he was drowning his sorrows elsewhere, while Ken is finding peace in the fairy tale like town. This score represents the characters’ feelings quite well and is easily memorable.

In conclusion, In Bruges is an excellent character driven film, with an excellent score and great balance of humour and sad character moments.


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