My Favourite Film Scores/Soundtracks – #AtmosphericApril

This list is in no particular order.

Under The Skin – Music Composed By Mica Levi


This film truly is something else, but so is it’s score. What Levi has done is so unique. Throughout the film, it’s only really one song playing, but she uses many stems that all fit together and uses certain stems at certain moments to create not only a unique musical concept, but also give us a often creepy and sometimes depressing score that is not easily forgotten.

Death Proof – Music By Various Artists


This movie is in no way perfect (Especially the first half) but I still believe that this is my favourite soundtrack to any of Quentin’s films, with Pulp Fiction coming in a close second. The film uses no original music at all, which to some may be seen as lazy, but to me… I believe it adds to what the film was going for. This film was a part of Grindhouse, a joint effort project from various cult directors to bring back some of the joy from those independent films being released in the 70’s and 80’s in drive-in theatres. As these films were independent, a lot of them simply weren’t able to have original scores. So Quentin’s choice to use licensed music and songs ripped from other film’s scores made sense and added a whole other layer to appreciate. Plus the soundtrack is just awesome to listen to.

Sicario – Music Composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson


Yet again we have another flawed movie (This time with the second act) but this score is something excellent. It even got nominated for the academy award, but it lost to The Hateful Eight. While the rest of the film is solid and the first twenty minutes are excellent, it’s the score that stands out. The score is often slow and quite suspenseful, and is used perfectly in those first twenty minutes. To me this score makes the film great and without it, it would only just be good.

Drive – Music by Cliff Martinez

Style, style, style. If there’s anything the director of Drive knows, it’s style. With such visual treats as Bronson, The Neon Demon and of course… Drive. But music is also a crucial element to all his films, and what Martinez has done is create something of pure luxury. The music used allows you to really get sucked into the LA lifestyle like nothing I’ve ever heard, and goes perfectly hand in hand with the strong visual stylization.

Fight Club – Music by The Dust Brothers


This film is easily one of my most re-watched films I own, and one of my favourite films of all time. Let’s start with the obvious. The Intro and Outro songs to this film are perfect, with that intro song easily getting your blood pumping and you ready to watch an awesome film. While the outro song Where is my Mind by The Pixies perfectly blends in with the final shot to create one of the most memorable endings ever. But it’s not just the intro and outro, but the Portal like soundtrack that fills the rest of the film. This sound track feels like a well oiled machine, like the companies and the establishment that Project Mayhem are against, and when the film ends with chaos with Where is my Mind it perfectly wraps up the downfall of the system they fought.

The Revenant –  Music Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto

If there’s one film that perfectly capture the true feeling of helplessness in my mind, it’d be this. The mixture of beautiful cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki and the daunting and lonely sounds of the amazing score perfectly make you realise the situation Hugh Glass is in. Everything in the film made for a truly incredible first viewing experience. It’s one of the only films I’d call perfect, but it’s not very re-watchable. However that beautiful score shall forever be imprinted into my head.


Thanks for checking out this short list. Tomorrow I will share my review of the film with my favourite film score, so be sure to check that out.

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