The Importance of Character and The Danger of Labels

Whenever I write a story I always use people I’ve met as some sort of inspiration for a character in my work. I like to use different characteristics to create someone who is wholly unique . A perfect example for this would be with my novella “Evicted” in which I use people that I actually know, as characters within the story. Of course though the characters are more exaggerated versions of the person in question, but the reason I use them is because they are interesting and make the story work better.

This is the problem that I’m currently having. People are becoming less interesting and that all has to do with labels. Most people now identify themselves with labels and… that really undermines them. Their is more to an individual person then just a label, and this logic I always apply to characters that I create. I don’t want my characters to identified as a label, because there is more to them than just some stupid fucking label.

I have the belief that everyone is unique, but that belief is slowly disappearing as time goes by. People now hide behind some label that doesn’t state their character. Labels mean absolutely nothing, but people make it seem like that’s all that matters, and what’s worse is that people are chucking labels onto others… and this where labels become dangerous.

The power a label has is tremendous. One perfect example I can think of is “Racist” The problem with this label is that not only is it being thrown around like the fucking plague, but it’s also being used incorrectly. This is dangerous. The power of that word is astronomical and it can negatively affect someone.

One other way in which labels are dangerous is that it makes people assume who you are as a person. Another great example is “Feminist” When people hear someone identifies as one, people make the automatic assumption of who they are as a person… which is ridiculous.

The problem is that most of time, nowadays… peoples assumptions are usually correct. This is stupid. There is so much that makes an individual unique, but now everyone is apart of some group that fits under some sort of label. People are thinking less about their own individualism and instead are focused on fitting into some label, some fucking category.

When you identify yourself as some sort of label… that’s when you become boring.

You know what, lets have a look at the definition of “Label” just of that a bit of fun.

a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive.

Wasn’t that fun? Anyway lets have a look at that definition. The word that stands out to me in that little definition there is “Restrictive” So my question to people who identify as a (Insert Label Here) Do you want to restrict yourself?

A label doesn’t tell me anything about you, so can we stop using them. Can we start seeing everyone as an individual. That would be fun… wouldn’t it?


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