Biutiful Review

Biutiful directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, features Javier Bardem as Uxbal. A carrer criminal who lives in the slums of Barcelona with his two children and his troubling wife. At the beginning of the film it becomes apparent that Uxbal suffers from prostate cancer, and in the film he tries to right his wrongs and help his children financially before he dies.

This film was oddly spiritual, but in a way that gave death an odd sort of beauty. Spiritual films I never usually watch, but this was a film I longed to see, and the spirituality didn’t feel forced or just thrown in. The way the film tackles death is depressing, but it strangely made me comfortable with death. The film still presents death as rather daunting, but when it was quietly talked about between characters there was an odd peace to it. Just for the story alone I would recommend it.

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From a technical side of things, the film didn’t really do anything unique except for the score, but even then I still have faults with it. For the most part, the score really puts you in the location, and makes you feel apart of that world, and there was one particular song near the end that was depressing and yet peaceful, and that made the scene really work. But at times the score did feel out of place.

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Alejandro and his team made such a unique film, and I would highly recommend it to an older audience, even though there isn’t any real graphic content, the themes that the film focuses on can make some people uncomfortable, but the way it tackled them was beautiful.



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