Normality in Criminality: Trainspotting

With T2 Trainspotting soon to be released I decided to look back at the original film, and every time I re-watch it, the film gets better and better. On the latest re-watch I noticed something quite interesting, and that is how they treat drugs or as the title says “Normality in criminality.”

Just Another Day

If you look at a lot of films they project drugs as this evil thing and certain films like Requiem for a Dream do this really well, but this is where Trainspotting is different. The characters who do take drugs in the film treat it like drinking coffee. As if it was just a part of their schedule, and when they do see the nastier side to taking drugs, what do they do?… Take more. They act like it’s just normal, and to them it is.

What’s normal for them isn’t normal for us, and what’s normal to us isn’t to them.


“Trainspotting” to me is one of the best British films out there, alongside “In Bruges” (One of my favourite films of all time.) If there’s anything that film does excellently it’s the dialogue and the way it handles it’s themes. Drugs are quite a sensitive topic and it was great to see the film handle the theme incredibly well, making it feel normal for people to take them.

The dialogue was on-point as it made each character feel alive and unique, especially with how they view drugs and certain characters’ shifting opinion on them.

One thing that I loved was how they handle drugs as a whole. They could’ve gone for an absolutely terrifying approach, but they didn’t, and I’m glad they didn’t… because it helps push forward that normality in criminality theme that makes the film unique.

If there’s one thing that I have a problem with, it’s that the baby in the “Cold Turkey” scene doesn’t hold up visually. It looks quite fake nowadays, but it didn’t stop the scene from being effective.

Definitely my favourite Danny Boyle film, so get it on Blu-Ray and watch it before T2 gets released. I’ll be going to see it on my Birthday, and I simply cannot wait.



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