The Negative Experiences and How to Use Them

Face the Negative

Everyone has that negative experience that affected them deeply, and the emotions that plagued their minds because of that experience. It’s something that you’ll back at and hate… this is completely understandable. There’s no way to not have a negative experience in your life, and sure everyone wants to forget those experiences, but if you are an artist you shouldn’t lock it away. That negative experience made you the person you are today, so face it head first and instead of hiding it… use it. Use your artistic medium to express those emotions.

How I use it

In order to explain how I use my negative experience… I need to tell you it. When I was younger, I was quite violent. Always lashing out. Getting into fights. But as I grew older I looked back at that experience and hid it. I felt regret, and less human. I felt like some sort of monster, and even now I still feel like some sort of monster. Many violent thoughts plague my mind. Most of them quite extreme, and I took sick pleasure dreaming them… a pleasure I regret.

Until I wrote my novella.

I made my experience hyperbolic in it, showing how it affected me mentally. Every single feeling I experienced during that violent period in my life was on display, and as I wrote… I became afraid of myself. I was disgusted of myself for thinking such things, but as the story reached it’s conclusion I felt… a huge sense of relief.

I was able to show my experience, and while it certainly will upset some people if they decide to read it… I’m fine with that, because thanks to bringing that experience out into the open I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.

It made me accept myself in my entirety and I’ve never felt happier with myself.


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