Nightcrawler: A Character Study

What Is Nightcrawler?

Nightcrawler, directed by Dan Gilroy has the most human character I have ever seen. Now to those who don’t know about Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler is set in Los Angeles with a strong focus on the news industry as it’s theme. The plot focuses on Louis Bloom (Played excellently by Jake Gyllenhaal.) a thief who steals metal and sells it for cash. He then comes across a car accident where a film crew soon appears and films the crash-site. He gets a spark of inspiration and decides to pursue the career of filming crashes and crimes for news stations.

Now before I talk about Louis Bloom…


… I need to talk about the four protagonist/antagonist types.


To classify a protagonist/antagonist it all comes down to the actions characters take and their intentions behind such actions.

Hero: Someone who does good things with good intentions.

Anti-Hero: Someone who does bad things with good intentions.

Villain: Someone who does bad things with bad intentions.

Anti-Villain: Someone who does good things with bad intentions.

Now considering these classifications, most reviewers/critics consider him as an anti-hero. This is where they’re wrong, because when you consider these classifications. He. Is. Not. Just an anti-hero.

Why He’s The Most Human Character I’ve Ever Seen.

Human Definition


  1. relating to or characteristic of humankind.

“the human body”

Now consider the classifications of characters and the definition of the word “Human.” When you look at this definition it’s quite vague as to what the “Characteristic of human kind” is. And that’s when I started thinking.

Every single person on earth that will ever exist will do something, that’ll fall under at least two of these classifications.

This is when I started thinking back to Nightcrawler. Louis Bloom falls under all four of these classifications. Everything he does is for good and bad reasons. Now I simply wish to not spoil the movie for you, but if you ever watch the film or have already seen the film. Look back at it and see how he can’t fall under any of these classifications.

So what classification does he fall under?

I’d say… Human.


Even though he is a complete dick.


2 thoughts on “Nightcrawler: A Character Study

  1. I love this movie, and I noticed the first twenty minutes that Louis is a complete sociopath. And by that I mean he actually suffers from sociopathy, where you lack trademark human characteristics like love or empathy. The inability to feel any sort of compassion towards anyone. I found this interesting because, in my opinion, he is as far from a human as humans can go.
    (Even watch how he moves, he’s practically a robot.)


    1. Thank you for your point of view. I personally love him as a character, because he doesn’t want your love or your empathy… he wants respect, and I personally respect him because of how devoted he is to his job. Which can’t be said about a lot of people


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