The Void Walker: A Short Surreal Story

The Void Walker

Text Copyright © 2017 Jacob Eli David Walker


I’m stuck in this void, left here to carry silhouettes of people into Serenity or into Travail. The white and red silhouettes are in stark contrast to the black nothingness of the void, but the silhouettes are like this for a reason. This reason is to tell which silhouettes go where, with the red corrupted silhouettes going to the red gate of Travail, and the white pure silhouettes going to the white gate of Serenity. I have no clue what’s beyond the gates and I would love to go into them, but I am bound here.

When there were no silhouettes passing through, I decided to give going through the gates one more go. I remember that I did it once many years ago, but I don’t entirely remember what happened. I approached the gate of Serenity and pushed my hand through. The sensation that the gate gave off was incredible and extremely calming. I walked through and I felt the sensation rush through my entire body, but I was still stuck in the void. I approached the gate of Travail and pushed my hand through. The sensation that the gate gave was intense and painful like every injury imaginable passing through my arm. The intensity of the pain was enough to send me flying back. I’m not going to try that again anytime soon I thought to myself. More silhouettes then showed up and I continued with my work.

I don’t even know why I do this and how I know what exactly to do, but I feel as if I must keep doing it, even if I don’t why I am doing it in the first place. I don’t even feel time go by anymore, hell I could have been here for more than a hundred years for all I know… and all I do now is wait.

Suddenly a flood of silhouettes came rushing in and I was not ready for it. They just kept on flooding in and in at a non-stop pace, I’m surprised that I was able to keep up until one silhouette changed. This silhouette went off from the path and when it did, it changed colour from white to yellow. I quickly turned my mind back towards the job at hand until it finally came to an end. But… the yellow silhouette was still there. I pointed towards the silhouette before pointing towards Serenity and sure enough it followed, but it could not pass through. I then tried the same with the Travail, but I got the same result. This was odd, how come this silhouette couldn’t pass through?

The silhouette then slowly started to come towards me and as it did I could hear a faint weeping noise getting louder and louder as it got closer and closer. Then the silhouette was right in front of me staring down at the ground, I could still hear it weeping and it filled me with dread knowing that this poor silhouette was now in the same position as me.

More Floods came by eventually and the silhouette just sat on the ground with its legs crossed, still staring at the ground, but at least it had stopped crying. After a few more floods came by it started to lift its head a bit and stare at the silhouettes as they passed by, occasionally it would stare at the doors and when it did you could hear this sad little hum.

Finally the flood stopped and I could have a break. There were so many silhouettes passing through, it was ridiculous. I stared down at the yellow silhouette and saw it staring right back, but it quickly turned its gaze away from me. I slumped down next to it and quickly had another glance at it. The silhouette was curled up into a ball and was surprisingly small for a silhouette, but I’ve never seen another silhouette up close so I wouldn’t know. We sat in awkward silence the entire time before the next flood came in.

I quickly got up and got right back to work, but this time the silhouette jumped up with me and watched attentively as I did my job. I kept on doing my job and threw a quick glances at it as I did, but I don’t think it noticed.

I don’t know why, but I enjoyed having this silhouette around even if we can’t talk, I guess it’s just nice to have someone else around and with each passing flood I felt like I was getting closer to this silhouette, but I have no clue whether it feels the same way.

Everything was going smoothly with the floods and I haven’t made another mistake since I let the silhouette go off path, but then something hit as a passing flood came through. It was worse than the pain of touching Travail, I felt like my innards would explode out of my belly and my head would crush my brain into mush, but what was worse was that I knew I couldn’t stop the other silhouettes from going off path, well that was until the silhouette came and covered for me. It was doing everything right. Guiding the silhouettes to the right gate and making sure they didn’t go off path… the entire time it was watching me do it so it would know what to do, but why?

When the flood finally ended, the silhouette came rushing towards me. It gently picked me up by the head and rested the other hand on my chest and I could feel something going through my body, something calming, something relieving, something beautiful and it made feel great and that some void of my own was filled. I don’t know what it did, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Now whenever a flood wasn’t passing through, we’d hold hands and whenever we did we could hear a soothing hum echo around the void, but this usually never lasted long for the floods were becoming more and more frequent. With every passing flood I could feel myself getting weaker and as I grew weaker, purple glowing specks were flying off of my body, but I didn’t care for I had the silhouette with me and it was the only thing that mattered to me.

Eventually it became too much and I just couldn’t move anymore, all I could do was lie around being useless, I would much rather be doing my job then just lying here. Our moments of contact got gloomier and gloomier as my body grew weaker. We were now lying down in each other’s arms after every flood and the once pleasant hum has become a sad cry of despair that filled the void with sadness once again. Lying with the silhouette now became an act of sadness rather than joy as my body weakened and the glowing purple specks filled the void. I wanted it to stop, but I could not do a thing.

The silhouette tightened its grip harder and harder with each moment of contact, until the specks slowly changed to white. I knew that my time had finally arrived, but I didn’t want to leave the silhouettes here, alone in the void like I one was. I wanted to take it with me, but I could not. After I witnessed my final flood, the silhouette picked me up and brought me towards Serenity. The void was filled with screams and cries of anguish as the silhouette stared right at me. It brought its head close to mine and I felt one last beautiful thing rush through my body before I was put through the gate.

A bright white light wrapped my body and could I feel everything just wash away and as the white light passed I was left in another void, but this one was different for this one had a small hole in it with light pouring into it.

So this is what Serenity is.



2 thoughts on “The Void Walker: A Short Surreal Story

  1. I love this. It’s well-written, original, thought-provoking and conveys the depth of human emotion perfectly. I haven’t read your novel yet, but am now full of anticipation for it. Please keep your writing coming as it’s literature like this that matters. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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